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Lavish By Layla

Is a Luxury Rose Boutique that specializes in Lavish Arrangements. Lavish By Layla offers customers a selection of foam, preserved, and fresh floral. All arrangements are custom made.

Lavish Rose Heart

Specializing in Long Stem Roses

Our Ecuadorian long stem roses are a client favorite. Roses range from 60-120 cm per request.


These Foam Rose Collectibles are a perfect gift and perfect HypeBest Accent to your Home.

Preserved Roses

Lavish Preserved Roses are coated with Glycerin, which encompasses the rose’s beauty and scent, then last for 1-3 years.

Lavish Rose Bears

These eternal Rose Bears are made out of foam and come in several sizes including Small, Medium, and Large. Packaging is included.

Fresh Flower Arrangements

Fresh Roses arrangements come in all box sizes including Small, Medium, Large, and XXL Boxes. Arrangements can be customized down to the box color, flower type, and petal color.

Flower Your Event

Lavish By Layla has been greatfully chosen to flower various events such as weddings, and bridal showers. Event Flowering starts at $1500. To inquire, please contact

Client Testimonials

She said 'its the' best arrangement she’s ever 'received in' her in her whole life! LOL”


They are still gorgeous looking brand new. Used to shed a tiny tiny bit in the very beginning but completely stopped shortly after. i keep it inside the case w the lid on it and they still look beautiful. Everyone loves them just as much I do 💜”


They look as perfect as day 1! I’m always astounded at the quality. 😍”